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With more than 170m² of artistic wall displays, the meteorite museum offers visitors fascinating insights into the world of meteors. Besides the integrated picture gallery and art gallery, visitors can admire various meteorite exhibits from around the world, originating from the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.
Presented in thoughtfully designed and illuminated display cases, the exhibits include impactites, tektites and meteorites. Allow the harmonious, pastel-coloured rooms and atmosphere in the museum to spirit you away into the unique world of extra-terrestrial matter.
The main room of the meteorite museum - which is the only one of its kind in the world - contains the highlight and centrepiece of the exhibition. This is a 43kg iron meteorite, known as the “Campo del Cielo“, and was discovered in Argentina in 1576. Anchored on a solid sandstone base, this huge stone presides over the entire exhibition.
For more than 15 years, Gabriele & Stephan Decker have been interested in meteorites, finally becoming members of the “Meteoritical Society” in the USA.
Thanks to them, visitors to their museum are able to see and touch this ancient extra-terrestrial matter, which is approx. 4.6 billion years old.


Opening hours

Open all year
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-12am and 2:30-5pm
Wednesday 9-12am
Saturday 10-12am           
Sundays & bank holidays by prior Arrangement



adults: 5,- €
reduced: 2,50 €
children 6 -14 years to be with someone adults: 1,50 €



Press Report (in German)

Meteorite museum opened in Oberwesel.

Campo del Cielo (43 kg)
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Stone Meteorite NWA Sahara
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