Rhine Castle Trail

Directions for the section through the St. Goar - Oberwesel municipality

From Engelsburg to Oberwesel

This walk follows the trail in the map entitled “Naturpark Nassau, Blatt 4 (Süd)”, for the Loreley & Nastätten area: From the car park looking over the Palatinate, take the path in the direction of Henschhausen; turn right at the crossroads and on until you pass waymarker “40”. Do not follow the grapes, but continue straight ahead until you reach the next signposted junction. Here it says “Sauzahn”. Descend to a shelter with barbecue facilities, and enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the Palatinate area.
The Kaub ferry slip road, which takes you up the mountain trail to Engelsburg, ends in Sauzahn. There’s a bench here where you can sit and enjoy wonderful views over the former colliery site in the valley. The track leads along the Rhine river to Sauzahn.
From Sauzahn, continue along the sloped banks of the Rhine until the beaten track joins a proper path with a sharp right turn. In this right turn, leave the “grape” and bear right, north of Elligbach, to enjoy the beautiful view over Kaub (picnic area, car park). From the aforementioned sharp right turn in the path, follow the “Weinwanderweg” (wine trail)through Engebachtal valley. At the junction, follow the K 89 up Engebachtal valley until you reach a junction with a service road on the right, leading to Dellhofen. Directly after this juntion, turn right again, walking parallel to the K 89 back in the direction of the Rhine river and lookout point K 90.
From the lookout point on K 90, continue upwards for approx. 100m on the left hand side, then turn into the driveway to reach Schönburg Castle. Descend from Schönburg Castle along the historic “Elfelay” path down to Oberwesel. Once in Oberwesel, turn right in Kirchstrasse Street to reach the Church of our Lady, and then cross Liebfrauenstrasse Street in the direction of Zehnerturm Tower. Just before the level crossing, turn left into Unterstrasse Street. Parallel to the railway line and the town wall, now walk through the historic town of Oberwesel until you reach the publically accessible part of the town wall, which is an experience not to be missed.

From Oberwesel to St. Goar

Once you’ve enjoyed walking along the town wall in Oberwesel, continue over the “Plan” and up Königsweg Way to the signposted wine nature trail (“Weinlehrpfad”) (statues of saints, ruts). Cross the K 93 and continue steeply upwards for 150m to enter the new residential area “Auf Fasel”, when the cul-de-sac ends, turn sharp left, after 150m sharp right and up to the “7 Jungfrauenblick” (7 Maidens lookout point) (spectacular views). Continue to the K 95 (Rheingaustrasse Street, little traffic). Roughly 200m after passing 2 private properties, turn right onto a meadow path, first through a beautiful meadow (will be provided with stepping stones) with panoramic views over the Rhine river, continue straight ahead again; shorter path in the direction of Urbar (sculpture park will be signposted).
After the sculpture park, the trail continues along the upper slope of the Rhine valley, a most worthwhile walk through vineyards, orchards and meadows (Beulsberg area). Alternatively, you can take the lower alpine route. Above Kammereck, a seating area with information panels  invites hikers to rest awhile and find out more about the geological structure of the Middle Rhine valley . Continue along the field/woodland seam along grassy paths to reach the Loreley lookout point “Maria Ruh”. From here, continue along the path half-way up the slope to the “Biebernheimer Loreley" lookout point: descend at a steep, right hand angle down to Galgenbachtal valley. Later, cross the Galgenbach waterfalls over an iron bridge, then follow the mountain slope on the left, ascending slightly, until you reach a resting place. The path now leads through a pine forest to a fork in the path leading down to the right to Seelenbachtal valley. After crossing Seelenbach stream, you will reach a meadow path leading to the right to Seelenbach hut.
From the Seelenbach hut, continue along the meadow path to the edge of the slope, enjoying periodic glimpses of the Rhine and the opposite banks. Pass the Biebernheimer Loreley lookout point and the Bankeck lookout point to the Wackenberg lookout point. From here, a narrow mountain trail leads past a waterfall in the direction of St. Goar. Continue along a path parallel to the slope above St. Goar (nature trail, Reusch nature and adventure trail) until you reach Rheinfels Castle.

From Rheinfels Castle to Werlau

The walk continues from Rheinfels Castle to the north, downstream, initially approx. 200m up the K 100. On the right, between 2 walls, the “grape path” leads downhill and ends at the bottom of Gründelbach valley. Follow the trail along a well maintained path up to the camping site, cross the stream and continue up the L 206, after about 50m turn right into a service road, ascending slightly up long serpentine curves to reach K 128. Follow this briefly until a grassy path forks off on the right. Follow this up to the L 213, in the curve upward to the left-hand curve of the L 213, forking right here descend again slightly, initially on an asphalted path to “Auf der Schanz” farm, turn right here, initially on a grass path, then a dirt path around the farm to the “toadstool” table and bench. From here, follow the grass path along the edge of the slope (Maus Castle comes into view), until you reach Hartenberg mountain.
“Auf dem Hartenberg” (shelter, broadcast relay station), here the path leads down into Heimbachtal valley, then approx. 150m in the direction of Fellen, then left up the mountain to the Brandsmauer lookout point.
Here there is another grassy path which we follow until we reach an asphalted road which leads from Werlau through woodland to the Rhine river. Follow this road to a picnic site level with Brandswald forester's lodge, and then turn left into the wine trail.

From St. Goar - Werlau to Hirzenach

Follow the broad forestry path through Brandswald woods in the direction of Boxberger farm. Roughly 500m below the hiker’s car park “Auf der Halde”, there is a large cross-way (both in the direction of Holzfeld); take the middle path which descends slowly in the direction of Wolfsbachtal.